ACSI (Athlete’s Coping Strategy Inventory)

According to Pearlin and Schooler (1978), “Coping refers to behaviour that protects people from being psychologically harmed by problematic social experience, a behaviour that importantly mediates the impact that societies have to their members”. From this definition, it implies that there is a huge advantage for an athlete to have such attribute rising as a successful athlete. Studies on the effectiveness of coping skills showed that professional athletes have greater strategies in handling stress situations, demonstrated superb showmanship for enhancing their sporting performance

For each question choose from the following alternatives:
0 – Almost Never 1 – Sometimes  2 – Often  3 – Almost Always
1. On a daily or weekly basis I set very specific goals to guide what I do. *
2. I get the most out of my talent and skill. *
3. When a coach or manager tells me how to correct a mistake I’ve made, I tend to take it personally and feel upset. *
4. WhenI’m playing sports I can focus my attention and block out distractions. *
5. I remain positive and enthusiastic during competition, no matter how badly things are going. *
6. I tend to play better under pressure because I think more clearly. *
7. I worry quite a bit about what others think of my performance *
8. I tend to do lots of planning about how to reach my goals. *
9. I feel confident that I will play well. *
10. When a coach or a manager criticizes me I become upset ratherthan feel helped. *
11. It is easy for me to keep distracting thoughts from interfering with something I am watching or listening to *
12. I put a lot of pressure on myself by worrying about how I will perform *
13. I set my own performance goals for each practice *
14. I don’t have to be pushed to practice or play hard, I give 100%. *
15. If a coach criticises or yells at me I correct the mistake without getting upset about it. *
16. I handle unexpected situations in my sport very well *
17. When Things are going badly I tell myself to keep calm and this works for me *
18. The more pressure there is during a game the more I enjoy it *
19. while competing, I worry about making mistakes or failing to come through *
20. I have my own game plan worked out in my head long before the game begins *
21. when I feel myself getting too tense I can quikly relax my body and calm myself *
22. To me, pressure situations are challenges that I welcome. *
23. I think about and imagine what will happen if I fail or screw up. *
24. I maintain emotional control regardless of how things are going for me. *
25. it is easy for me to direct my attention and focus on a single object or person *
26. when I fail to reach my goals it makes me try even harder. *
27. I improve my skills by listening carefully to advice and instructions from coaches and managers *
28. I make fewer mistakes when the pressure is on because I concentrate better. *
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