Decision Making
Decision Making

Decision-making tests are psychological assessments designed to provide insights into an individual’s decision-making style, preferences, biases, and competencies. These tests can reveal various aspects related to decision-making. By utilizing decision-making tests, athletes can gain insights into their decision-making processes, biases, and competencies, leading to improved decision-making strategies, better risk management, and enhanced performance in their respective sports.

For each question choose from the following alternatives:
1- Very Infrequently / Never  2- Infrequently   3- Quite Infrequently  4- Quite Frequently  5- Frequently  6- Very Frequently / Always

1. Do you enjoy making decisions? *
2. Do you rely on ‘gut feelings’ when making decisions? *
3. Do you like to consult with others? *
4. Do you stick by your decisions come what may? *
5. When you find one option that will just about do, do you leave it at that? *
6. Do you remain calm when you have to make decisions very quickly? *
7. Do you feel in control of things? *
8. How often are your decision governed by your ideals regardless of practical difficulties? *
9. Do you make decisions without considering all of the implications? *
10. Do you change your mind about things? *
11. Do you take the safe option if there is one? *
12. Do you prefer to avoid making decisions if you can? *
13. Do you plan well ahead? *
14. When making decisions do you find yourself favouring first one option then another? *
15. Do you carry on looking for something better even if you have found a course of action that is just about OK? *
16. Do you find it difficult to think clearly when you have to decide something in a hurry? *
17. Do you make up your own mind about things regardless of what others think? *
18. Do you avoid taking advice over decisions? *
19. Do you work out all the pros and cons before making a decision? *
20. In your decision making how often are practicalities more important than principles? *
21. Is your decision making a deliberate logical process? *
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