EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

The results of an emotional intelligence test can provide individuals with insight into their emotional strengths and areas for improvement. They can help individuals enhance their self-awareness, improve their interpersonal relationships, and develop skills in managing their emotions effectively. Emotional intelligence is considered an important factor in personal well-being, social interactions, and success in various areas of life, including work, relationships, and leadership.

For each question choose from the following alternatives:

1- Not At All  2- Rarely  3- Sometimes  4 – Often   5- Always

1. I am aware of the physical reactions (twinges, aches, sudden changes) that signal a “gut reaction *
2. I readily admit mistakes and apologize. *
3. I let go of problems, anger, or hurts from the past and I can move beyond these. *
4. I generally have an accurate idea of how another person perceives me during a particular interaction. *
5. I have several important things in my life that I am enthusiastic about, and I let it show. *
6. I can easily meet and initiate conversation with new people when I have to. *
7. I take a break or use another active method of increasing energy when I sense that my energy level is getting low. *
8. I have little trouble taking prudent risks. *
9. I “open up” with people appropriately— not too much but enough so that I don’t come across as cold and distant. *
10. I can engage in an interaction with another person and pretty well size up that person’s mood based on nonverbal signals. *
11. Others usually feel inspired and encouraged after talking to me. *
12. I have no trouble making presentations in front of groups or conducting meetings. *
13. I take time every day for quiet reflection. *
14. I take the initiative and move ahead on tasks that need to be done. *
15. I refrain from making up my mind on issues and expressing my opinion until I have all the facts *
16. I have a number of people I can turn to, and I ask for their help when I need it. *
17. I try to find the positive in any given situation. *
18. I can deal calmly, sensitively, and proactively with the emotional displays of others. *
19. I can usually identify the emotion I am feeling at any given moment. *
20. I am generally comfortable in new situations. *
21. I neither bury my anger nor let it explode on others. *
22. I can show empathy and match my feelings with those of another person in an interaction. *
23. I can keep going on a big project, despite obstacles. *
24. I am respected and liked by others, even when they don’t agree with me. *
25. I am clear about my own goals and values. *
26. I express my views honestly and thoughtfully, without being pushy. *
27. I am good at managing my moods, and I seldom bring negative emotions to work. *
27. I focus my full attention on another person when I listen to him or her. *
28. I believe the work I do day-to-day has meaning and value to society. *
29. I can effectively persuade others to adopt my point of view without coercing them. *
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