Cognition (Continuous Assessment)

Reimagine stress management with our innovative continuous stress assessment program. Seamlessly track, understand, and navigate your stress levels over time. Gain insights, develop strategies, and find balance. Your journey to a healthier relationship with stress begins here.<br>Uncover patterns, triggers, and progress in your stress journey through our continuous stress assessment program. Embrace empowerment and well-being by taking charge of your stress in a personalized and effective way.

how would you rate your cognitive abilities in the following areas compared to the previous month?
Do you jump from task to task because you just can't seem to focus long enough to finish one completely? *
Memory: *
"I've been forgetting appointments and where I placed things more often than I used to."
Attention: *
"I find it hard to concentrate on tasks, and I often switch between them before finishing."
Problem-Solving: *
"I've had trouble making decisions, even for small things like what to eat for lunch."
Language Skills: *
"I've been stumbling over words and struggling to find the right words to express myself."
Overall Cognitive Function: *
"I've noticed changes in my thinking abilities, like remembering names and following conversations."
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