CSI (Coping Strategy Inventory)

Discover the Coping Strategy Indicator (CSI) – a tool that can reshape how you approach life’s myriad experiences. The CSI isn’t just a metric; it’s a window into understanding how you deal with challenges, stress, and change. It empowers you to identify patterns in your reactions, fostering personal growth and emotional well-being. With the CSI, you’ll gain insights that can help you navigate relationships, work, and self-care more effectively. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking a deeper awareness of your own coping strategies and taking positive steps towards a more resilient, balanced life. Embark on this journey of self-discovery with CSI and embrace a newfound sense of empowerment today!

For each question choose from the following alternatives:
0 – Not At All 1 – A Little 2 – A lot

1. Let your feelings out to a friend? *
2. Rearranged things around you so that your problem had the best chance of being resolved? *
3. Brainstormed all possible solutions before deciding what to do? *
4. Tried to distract yourself from the problem? *
5. Accepted sympathy and understanding from someone? *
6. Did all you could to keep others from seeing how bad things really were? *
7. Talked to people about the situation because talking about it helped you to feel better? *
8. Set some goals for yourself to deal with the Situation? *
9. Weighed your options very carefully? *
10. Daydreamed about better times? *
11. Tried different ways to solve the problem until you found one that worked? *
12. Confided your fears and worries to a friend or relative? *
13. Spent more time than usual alone? *
14. Told people about the situation because just talking about it helped you to come up with solutions? *
15. Thought about what needed to be done to straighten things out? *
16. Turned your full attention to solving the problem? *
17. Formed a plan of action in your mind? *
18. Watched television more than usual? *
19. Went to someone (friend or professional) in order to help you feel better? *
20. Stood firm and fought for what you wanted in the situation *
21. Avoided being with people in general? *
22. Buried yourself in a hobby or sports activity to avoid the problem? *
23. Went to a friend to help you feel better about the problem? *
24. Went to a friend for advice on how to change the situation? *
25. Accepted sympathy and understanding from friends who had the same problem? *
26. Slept more than usual? *
27. Fantasised about how things could have been different? *
28. Identified with ch‎aracters in novels or movies? *
29. Tried to solve the problem? *
30. Wished that people would just leave you alone? *
31. Accepted help from a friend or relative? *
32. Sought reassurance from those who know you best? *
33. Tried to carefully plan a course of action rather than acting on impulse? *
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