Elumind Peak is organizing custom seminars focused on addressing the critical issues of executive well-being and stress management within the workplace. These sessions will be held directly at your company premises, ensuring maximum convenience for your staff and management team. Elumind Peak’s upcoming seminars/webinars, titled "Navigating Well-being in the Workplace," will be conducted by Dr. Kourosh Edalati, an experienced psychiatrist specializing in executive well-being and stress management. The seminars/webinars will cover the following topics:

  • From Burnout to Breakthrough: Strategies for Executive Well-being.
  • Mastering Stress and Inspiring Teams.
  • Balancing Work and Well-being for Team Members.

Elumind Peak’s aim is to provide your team with practical insights and effective strategies to enhance their well-being and productivity in the workplace. This exclusive seminar series is designed solely for your company, allowing your staff and managers to participate in an intimate setting that encourages open discussion and personalized learning.

Dr. Kourosh Edalati, Speaker

Dr. Edalati is a graduate in psychiatry from the University of British Columbia. He has worked extensively with various mental health disorders in both hospitals and private settings. He specializes in the area of positive psychology and work-life balance and has led workshops on self-esteem and work-life balance. Dr. Edalati is also a clinical instructor for the department of psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine in University of British Columbia. Furthermore, he is the medical director of Elumind, a centre specializing in human potential and peak performance through the exciting field of integrative psychiatry.

Dr. Kian Shoaei Nia, Speaker

Dr. Kian Shoaie Nia, M.D., Ph.D., a visionary in healthcare, blends medical expertise with a decade of experience. As a seasoned life coach, he empowers individuals to achieve personal and professional success. As Vice President for Research and Development at Elumind, he pioneers innovative healthcare solutions dedicated to optimizing well-being with a focus on mental and brain health.

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